Travel 2.0 India – What could be Next ?

We hear lot of websites comming up in the biggest 1.0 business model un-exploited till its maximum potential. Travel and online reservation. But with comming in of so many travel websites. Do we feel india is ready for a travel deal aggregator or a travelouge with facility for users to share their travel plans and experiences.

Though inital hesitation looking at indian business models will be first acceptability and growth of tavel e-commerce which is currently driven by online reservation system provided by No-Frill Low cost carriers like Airdeccan, Spicejet,go airlines etc. First of all acceptance of providers like,, etc has to increase for this first of all content has to start to flow based on indian mentality. Now i remember use to work on those lines back in 2002. Time when was looking at forming an alliance with online travel reservation portal to provide flight and hotel reservations for outbound services.Even they have started working on flight reservation engine as core of their business model.

What is needed is approach of an offline travel company. Example reverse bidding something which horizontal players like etc are offering. But more importantly these travel sites needs to engage more user experience and try to work on model like create your iteniary,publish and host it on like link it with your own blog or website. This way people visiting your travel page get instant deal generated using the online booking engine combined with full hotel,airfare etc. The advantage will be people will act as word of mouth to publicize set to draw sales. Secondly the adapting NON-IATA travel agents market can take advantage onf such site to create cheap travel iteniaries based on their experience sending people abroad and also to offer their customers instant pricing. The whole idea is to derive the same give back commission kind of system to people helping you sell the deal at lower prices.

What conclusion i have drawn from all web 2.0 businesses comming online is that its all about generating revenue from content generated by other people using your application.

I have a nice existing portal which can surely take advantage of such revamp. Any person interested in collabrating on the business model side of the idea. More than glad to listern and partner to help do something different in Travel 2.0 E-commerce field.


1 Response to “Travel 2.0 India – What could be Next ?”

  1. 1 Aloke Bajpai November 25, 2006 at 6:05 pm


    Nice to read your post. I am the co-founder of Travenues – a travel 2.0 technology company that is working on a revolutionary product that will cut across the lines in enabling travel search to become more transparent and intuitive.

    Sign up on our website if you want to remain updated about our launch plans.

    – Aloke

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