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Another take on trip planning and destination guides. This website uses the power of video blogging and frameworks provided by likes of youtube. To me they look like student film makers just collabrating and creating destination videos. I went through couple of them and liked the concept of just doing 4-5 minutes on each destination. What i like about these new media websites is their ability to address unique captive audience requirement.

This website focus looks to be on international travellers which offcourse is big spending segment. What geobeats should also look is invideo advertising. For long i have been talking about this with other bloggers that why dont video blogger take advantage of in-video advertisement. By this i dont mean inserting one frame on sponsors but actually talking abt a hotel at destination or giving on silde at end recommended list of hotels.

Looking at geobeats kind of websites first question which comes to my mind is what kind of revenue model are these people working on. With so many content websites comming up except for being potential acquisation targets for bigger travel aggregators/portals in market. What do they offer.Which brings to  another important question why would venture capitalist invest in these kind of organizations.

If anyone else know of any similar website. Please do advice.Will surely like to compare both the sites business models.

Till then enjoy GEOBEATS 


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