Management Studies after bacehlors Degree

I do study abroad counselling on Trying to help people in making decision in regard to pursuing MBA abroad. What i generally feel is that in india the job boom has created a scenario where an engineering degree  combined with MBA means 6L pay package or 60,000$ start abroad.

This has taken out the real passion for people to earn and grow in a sector on basis of their interest(SCM,HR,Marketing) but on basis of what can get them more money. With more and more making MBA a minimum requirement to even apply it some time makes me wonder .If we dont give an engineer chance to work in IT sales field after graduation why after a name sake MBA degree makes him a better proposition to give opportunity .Espically when he is ready to work for 2-3 L without the MBA to learn the tricks of the trade. Anyway going back to students.

I found a very good course for fresh graduates looking for some international exposure giving them right skills for management position in tech sector etc. This program is being run by Stanford Graduate school of Business based in heart of Silicon Valley. Program costs approx 9,300$ which includes tution, boarding,food,books etc. It runs for around 4 weeks and cover all important business studies aspect ex economics, strategy, financial accounting, hr. Its meant for non-business studies major graduates.  It does not require GMAT scores and gives good international exposure based on international enrollments.(link)

Hope this helps for people waiting to get Stanford Business school on their resume to impress.


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