Media Management Software

In my continuation effort for sharing product/business ideas which can become the next big thing. Here comes another media suite which can help marketing department manage their own advertising campaign rather than being dependent on advertising agencies.

What media management software does it. It will help you keep track of select organization/individual activities/apperances in news. This is another good way to manage/research an organization. Keep track of news articles,announcements, blogs, TV appearances, podcasts etc. The Idea is to filter media for you to manage your organization stacking up against the others in industry. Few people can subscribe to keep track/tap on other people or eve their own individual fame.

The idea is to help organization keep on top of market speculation and identify opportunities/ problems at early growth/report stage.

With availability of high bandwidth and technologies like youtube etc. Software can be based on a subscription kind of model  where people pay quarterly subscription fees. Probably can add lot of value to Hoovers Dun & Bradstreet Product.

Anyone interested to work on this idea would love to work out all operational issues.


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