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Forecasted Cap for Travel 2.0 Portal in india

In recent excel post on ABCD VC post (link) they talk about what the travel portals of today Yatra,, are suppose to get market caps of what, travelocity, expedia will be. Do check to see potential travel portals hold in dollar figure values.

Location Based Services India

Without using GPS implementing location based services on cell-ID (tower location) is very diffcult in india as telecom companies are not ready to share this information with other organizations. Just a simple answer this problem if telecom service provider is not ready to provide such information no worries.Get the providers mobile phone card and activate the code to calcuate distance from nearest tower and its cell id. You can go driving around the town mapping all possible towers and their locations and have your own database of the cell-id available. Talk about being independent.

Secondly India’s one of the biggest telecom service provider is offering businesses location based services (link)  So all the people with the next generation killer application based on location based services their is your service provider to get in touch with now.

Growth Ideas for Travel 2.0 portal india

Was thinking on different strategies travel portals can  use to target indian budget travellers. For beginners most of the travel portals are tieing up with private hotels/resorts. But a recent study revealed for people planning gateway to small uncommercialized travel destinations in states like Uttranchal (excluding dehradun/mussorie), Himachal Pradesh (excluding shimla/chail), Uttar Pradesh (big towns), West Bengal (excluding capital/darjeeling), Madhya Pradesh, Orissa etc. State guest houses and hotels are the biggest crowd pullers. Secondly they are cost effective and good in service at these remote locations.

Going back how travel portals can take advantage. If they provide free hotel reservation engine to the tourism boards with ability to integrate engine in their respective tourism board websites and manage hotel inventory.   Not only the portals will be able to cater to large number of budget travelers but also get opportunity to convert direct leads to sale from dedicated destination information planning source. Recent study has advice people tend to reply on tourism board websites for researching destinations while doing travel planning. As government keep spending more money on using web as strategic medium for promotion of tourism destinations. Portals will automatically keep benefiting out of this model offering larger inventory to their direct customers and generate further revenue by managing tourism board’s online customers.

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