Business India 2.0 Future 2106 Industry Growth,Need of Today

 Today i was having a chat with fellow entrepreneur Rahul Thakur and while i was talking about all the efforts put in since last 7 years by me in keeping my focus centric on internet and emerging technologies. He made a very interesting point . Rahul thakur comes from an traditional established chandni chowk(india’s one of the oldest and biggest trading market place) business inherited and doubled from generation to generation.  He said that businesses are not made overnite and it generally takes 4 generations in indian scenario to become an established brand name. Probably Rahul’s lack of knowledge on IT businesses been more proffesional manager managed affair as compared to other sectors in india was reason for this comment. But the vision in his statement is for every entreprenuer to think of. The business and opportunity has to survive and should capacity to go for 4 generation of leadership change. In india we are yet to see any business house (except TCS) to show that change of leadership . If infosys comes first in your mind please be known that Nilekani was one of the founder of the organization. Aziz Premji is still at Wipro and Satyam is still going strong without a change. Important it will be see if these indian businesses will survive their founders vision and last the 4 generations to see 2106.

Getting back to basics what it made me realize the business model is not one should bank the business on but actual existance of market. As models can change but changing a market means a person who knows Spanish to expect business fluency in Italian. As its almost similar(INTERNET based) and would be easy to adapt to. surely language will be easy to learn and adapt to but spanish is what is native to you and what you do best. Derieve value from your expertise and then experiment with ideas.



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