Opprortunity 2.0 India

As Cyberica is now restructuring itself into Internet and Emerging Technologies Consulting Group. We were looking at research grants available for organizations wishing to pursue the great software dream of realizing potential by servicing the great growing and demanding indian market. But whatever assistance is available for IT & ITES companies in india concentrates on development of products/services for export purposes. Let it be STPI,SEZ, Grants by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of IT etc.

Though we talk about availability of better opportunities and funding enviornment available. It never comes to light VC are pushing big dreams or the next big thing. What about small opportunities which require small enterprenuers. This is the reason indian industries and people are suffering due to lack availability of cheaper indian version of microsoft office or other products which were innovative could sustain income for a micro scale IT Unit.  As this will help in increasing employment in the sector and deriving value by servicing to the Micro sector itself.

In india which is lot of time reffered to as country of shop keepers. We have seen lot of small businesses though have not scaled but been filling gap and demand of a business ecosystem internal to them. But in way creating business opportunities for lot of other people. People need to understand some time small problems dont need big solutions but small practical solutions. We are again seeing return of small web design companies in US. With people going with change. But in india where still all the businesses dont have Online pressence there are lot hundreds of small companies working in small backlanes of commerical markets making things online at 1/10th the cost what company with large office in gurgaon might be doing. Nasscom and even ministries need to bring in funding for these small companies for bringing them at par with companies earning the forex.

If lalu prasad yadav was made Minister of IT. He can probably comeup with a Garib Rath(luxury superfast trains for poor) concept IT Park which are made available for companies looking at catering to the indian market.


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