Travel Strategies for Portal – Needed Flyspy for India – Quick !

Got an opportunity to finally review flyspy. First thing which came to my mind after having a look is farecast defined to meet answers of so called leisure/unplanned travel industry portals are running after.I like to travel so generally questions i tend to find answers for

# I got origin city and a destination city and i wish to make travel within next month. Whats the best time to go fare wise?

# I got 2 Days weekend comming up. tell me which place you can fly me in put me in a hotel and get me back for work ?

Well i do understand 2nd question is more managable and with an effective CRM tool portals can keep on top. First question sounds so unstructured and unheard from. Well what my blog stats show most of the people who read my blog are tech savvy to search it using Travel 2.0 term. Probably i even use it too much.

But importantly going back to the first question where did it come from. If you go visit a small travel agent based in buzzing small markets in delhi or backlanes of lucknow. Question people pose is simple . “I got people at Place X and wish to make visit this or next month. Tell me whenever flight is cheaper will fly”

Now not only site tells me which day of the month which flight will be cheaper but what should be my return date. Bravo Flyspy. If you plan to come to india contact me can surely work out a better transaction oriented model than what you are ready to offer in US.Trust me indian market is all about flying cheap.

Whenever i read a VC make statement that travel portals are changing how the sector works and bringing new tools and methods for customers. I would surely like to know how is the product piple line looking. I believe with portals pumpping 500 transactions per day which might have been highers than their current expectations. Most of  the travel portals in india are busy scaling up to meet growing demand. But this growth offcourse is best for the model but is it sustainable on only price or customer support factor.For Answers please visit your favourite travel portal….


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