Need Tickets to Fly Delhi – Raleigh, North Carolina Help?

You would wonder when i can pickup phone and reserve tickets with a travel agent or an airline website why would ask for help. I m planning a business trip next month to North Carolina and was looking at using internet to reserve my travel plans.

Its been 4 hours first to identify which travel portal would give me instant rates on international flights out of india.  I begin with

First of all site didnt work properly in Mozilla. After switching to Internet Explorer  and running the search it ran. I wonder why travel portals misbehave when it comes to providing outbound from india fares. The fares and connection site displayed me i would be better of flying First Class(atleast Executive class). The cheapest fare quoted was  INR 1,31,177 on Continental Airlines flying Delhi-Newark-Raleigh. The first thing i did with this information was goto galielo system access which we have brought in for backoffice operations. Ran a search with same routing and picture was totally different. Fare was around INR 60,000. Now thats a big difference! Even running search on Continental Airlines website threw a different picture. The price quoted online was  INR 119,513.00

when first started in 2001 we had talked to amadeus for providing us access to global distribution system. They adviced us charge will be around INR 90,000 and they will integrate our site to a booking engine of amadeus which will display same fares as comming on terminal (galileo,amadeus etc). At that time online reservation was not a model we were looking as advertising sounded a much better proposition then asking people for money online to buy services.

Anyway getting back to finding fare outbound from india. It makes me wonder is it the lack of technology which is creating such problem for offering cheap instant airfares online. As most of the travel search engine exist are concentrating on domestic airfares. if this is the case their exist an opportunity to build such engine. Will find out more information from amadeus people and post it online.

till then if anyone is interested to sponsor my visit will get a special thank you post. Cheers


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