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Srinagar – Most Beautiful place on Earth

Well cant support the statement with solid facts. But this is something which drew me to this

# Before plane entered above Valley you could see beautiful mountain peaks everywhere covered with white powder snow.

#everywhere nature was pristine and untouched from city commercialization ones plaguing shimla,manali etc.

# Weather is cold but you feel good about it.

#With so much security whenever flight lands at srinagar airport you feel secure that people are there for you.

# With flight full of interntational tourist i was feeling embarassed to answer question on not being to sringar just being on 2 hours flight away.

Air Deccan flight which i was taking to Jammu stopped at srinagar airport just for 30 minutes. But those 30 minutes gave me enough reason to plan a trip to heaven on earth called “KASHMIR”

Travel Portal Valuations on Dalal Street

Talking on DOTCOM valuations. Since got listed on Bombay Stock Exchange media and blogs have been talking about the next portal which can go in for listing. Most of these blogs have been bringing up names of,, Now as for our blog is concerned we like to talk about travel portals.

So lets look at Theire major source of revenue is margin earned from selling airline tickets. Now lets try to look at the travel industry. Most of the airlines listed on exchange had a bad year even though industry sensex achieved new heights. But people may beg to differ on my this view point as makemytrip is a sales agent and not concerned with losses incurred by airlines due to operational costs/strategies. Though if we try to map it back to US industries the travel industry is going to similar trajectory. We are seeing travel portals sharing loss on similar lines as travel airlines etc. Hence we cannot expect much scope/margin from travel portals any yet. My bet is would be a better bet

Rediff Farecast Model needs more Time

Trying to find cheapest air tickets between delhi and jammu took me Rediff fare search predictor. Happy to see the dates i wanted to fly at cheap airfare of 474 + Taxes. I got online immideatly on Air Deccan website hoping to lock in the fare instant. But to my surprise the fare available on Air Deccan website was not even remotely close. I ended up paying 1474 + Taxes for my ticket ( Still cheaper as compared to fares being offered by Spicejet, Indian Airlines,Jet etc on same route).

If rediff is ready to share details on how they are predicting cheapest fare/airline in particular date. People would be able to give feedback as they are still in beta mode.

So message again to all other travel portals. Needed Flyspy or Farecast for India QUICK!!!

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