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Air Tickets What we indians buy most online

Just came in this morning air tickets are the most purchased items online. Though the fact remains how many non-travel agent buyers exist.  Their is an important requirement for a study in this regard as real benefit of booking with service provider is not getting filtered down to the real consumers yet.

Secondly with rising tax on air travel government need to understand if they start taxing consumers per ticket travel so much its becoming unfeasable to do air travel.Example so many times we get fare of 500 rs for a destination but taxes of around 1100 rs make it 1700Rs. Around 60% of fare is tax component which is outrageous. Atleast government could come up a policy for reduce tax on new destination airports to encourage air travel example pathankot, hubli other Tier-III cities comming on air travel map. So that travellers could be encouraged to take advantage of air travel as a medium. Team is Listerning

It was nice to get comments from team but unfortunately the basic guide which i was given link to didnt cover the tips on how to setup kitchen.

Probably a good cook site can come up with following

A checklist on items needed to start kitchen. Take a printout and rush to nearest grocery store. Once that is done create an online account  put in date of shopping and select items puchased from checklist. Based on items stocked in kitchen reciepe finder creates a meal plan based on some other questions like fried or less calorie diet etc. Once the meal plan is available online for next 7 days users can just take prinout everyday and automatically items start getting deducted from the online account. Hence it help you keep track of items you JUST NEED to keep stock of in kitchen.

Sanjeev kapoor reciepe for Dal Makhni is really good but unfortunately doesnt fit in my 7 day plan due to lack of right ingridents available. Hope food portal owners and foodies themselves would appreciate a site with such content

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