50th Post – Blogging How it changed the way i do business!

It takes a great pleasure to announce my 50th post. It took me almost 1 month + 1 week worth of blogging to reach this milestone. Well people celebrate 100 or 1000. Why am i celebrating 50th post. When i started this blog my idea was a diary entry of all various thoughts which never transforms into an account easily accessiable at later stages. Most of the posts are based on information/thoughts i wish should be documented based on my area of working through out the day.

Blogging has helped me achieve a lot since i took to it. This is the reason i wish to celebrate this fete. Few of the important things it helped me with

# Document research on Online Travel Reservation segment in india

# Create Strategies and share them with other bloggers to comment. Helping re-instate faith in my vision and planning capabilities.

# Reach out to new people in the industry which otherwise are hard to find and access.

#  Create a brand name for self. Help stand out from crowd.

# Realize how blogging is an effective marketing tool and how you should blog to achieve greater readership

I believe any person who feel he is a good consultant should throw some things out to public and not be afraid of loosing out edge over others in terms of specialization. As more information you share more people will become confident in your capabilities. I generally meet lot of techie turn consultants and first thing i ask is if they blog. By a blog i am able to judge a persons way of thinking and his capabilities. Which in turn could mean an opportunity for us to network if our thoughts meet or help save me his and my time. Based on queries generated from this blog i realized people like you to execute what you think and this is where creates business opportunity for consultants to use this medium effectively.


3 Responses to “50th Post – Blogging How it changed the way i do business!”

  1. 1 Sarang December 14, 2006 at 1:23 am

    Checked your site and your company profile.
    And while reading this blog I could not relate one point of your post to your company profile.
    You mentioned about “Document research on Online Travel Reservation segment in india” and your company looks to be a solutions provider.
    Your company is also involved with Market research? Or the document reasearch you mentioned was only out of your interest for Online Travel market in india?

  2. 2 Sarang December 14, 2006 at 1:25 am

    BTW, bookmarked your blog. I am interested in Web2.0, especially in Indian market and I find a good opportunity to share thoughts here.

  3. 3 Sid Puri December 14, 2006 at 2:13 am

    Hi Sarang,

    thanks for leaving comment when i said document research it was of my personal interest in regard to starting product to cater to similar market in which these online reservation engines work.

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