Indiatimes & Vtiger new venture – CRM Review

With indiatimes taking mattle on itself to become the google for indian masses. Its taking a different route than merger and acquisation which its other counterparts in US follows. They are going on Partnership model. This is not the first time indiatimes will be trying this. Their earlier success in similar business models have been tender city. Which is pretty much the leader in online indian tenders.

The new kid on blocks are CRM and projects.We will talk about projects in our next post.– Though the ad hit the point right on providing small businesses with CRM product to manage leads etc. Once you visit site you get a clean login page asking one for signin. Fair enough but being a first time visitor no signup link. Talk about waste of advertisement spend. Anyway being a self proclaimed techie i gave it a shot with some username and password to see if it redirect me to forgot password page or some page to register. Unfortunately the system had good login authentication but no way to go further. Before i decide to close down the page i saw the link to Vtiger.

On visiting the site i realized the product was owned by Vtiger and indiatimes was running a hosted model. Now either this is a co-branding initative by indiatimes to help people discover Vtiger crm product or seriously they have a strategy for SME’s to take advantage of such product is unkown.  On vtiger site prominently we could see advertisement of zoho are very own web 2.0 product from india.  Later on further investigating Vtiger found out vtiger is another attempt by an indian company to take shot at CRM market. Though it clearly didnt indicate how this all is related to We would leave indiatimes to decide and narrate the story on what happened with December 12-13 advertisement of


1 Response to “Indiatimes & Vtiger new venture – CRM Review”

  1. 1 Raju Vegesna December 14, 2006 at 3:21 am


    Vtiger is another venture funded by AdventNet, the company behind Zoho.

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