Outsourcing Product Development – Metrics and Research Issues

With internet being taken as a reliable medium for knowledge discovery. More and more people are relying on internet to do research to understand customers requirement and define frameworks and metrics for the product. Possible reasons given #They are not re-inventing the wheel just optimizing it. Hence need to just farther the knowledge and understand what is available in market

# Internet allows them to discover knowledge related to the product they wish to built published by domain experts.

Recently consultants of our partner based in US and our product managers were discussing issues related to a recent joint product launch. Overseeing the meeting noticed the assumptions product managers carried vs assumptions made by consultants.

Assumptions made by Product managers were based on IT functionality of product and how it incorporated the business knowledge making the flow efficient and time effective. Whereas for Consultants it was issue of functionality which was the business function made the product viable for organization. Now here both the statements make the same underlying comment for a business process automization. The important aspect is how the product manager lack of skill from the domain of implementation makes a difference in whole ball game. (Luckily overseeing helped in solving the problem here and then itself before it returned to haunt as product problem reported by client).

As a product manager the person should be able to understand IT is not the selling point its just an enabler. Its like earlier consultants would sell their time to organizations but with software’s they are making their knowledge available as a commodity for every organization to use at a fraction of the cost. Hence business functionality is the nativity to the software.  Anyway already arranged for product manager to vist onshore 3 customers to understand their businesses first hand rather than using consultants as medium would surely help in giving product manager with business vision to convert to technology product.



3 Responses to “Outsourcing Product Development – Metrics and Research Issues”

  1. 1 michellearc December 19, 2006 at 6:17 am

    Outsourcing is the latest trend in today’s businesses, with so much competition you should be able to know the market and the competitor you have.

    Michelle Arcenal
    e-Marketing Specialist

  2. 2 zenia December 20, 2006 at 7:44 am

    The two different assumptions may draw confusion and issue at first however once integrated together one gets hold of a valuable data…

    thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis

  3. 3 Mike January 6, 2007 at 1:20 am

    Some useful testimonials about outsourcing in action – this is just the kind of stuff I’ve been looking for, for my site. Great resource – thank you.
    IT and Business Outsourcing

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