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Vendor Management – Reference Check

found a very interesting post on why reference check should be an important aspect rather than just awarding project on basis of other project/contract award letters etc. This post covers questions which could be asked to possible referees.

1. What is the nature of your business?
2. What were your reasons behind <insert the nature of the problem/solution here>?
3. What type of selection process did you employ – RFP, sole source, etc.?
4. Which other vendors did you consider?
5. Why was <vendor name> chosen?
6. What did you find out after you started working with <vendor name> that you wished you knew in advance?
7. What changes in costs/pricing/resources did you experience?
8. If we were to go with <vendor name>, what recommendations would you give to ensure a successful engagement?
9. What has the impact been since <rolling out the solution>?
10. Is there anything that I didn’t ask that I should have?
11. Would you recommend <vendor name> to use based on what you know now?

For more reason on what can be achieved by the question please do visit the post at following link.

Tech enable Offline Travel Agency Operations

For offline travel agents to remain competetive in the changing world of online flight bookings and travel portal is to remain top of customer relationship. Few things travel agents can learn from their american and european counterparts.

#Travel agency need not to run from a high rental commerical retail space. To cut down cost it can be run from low rental areas.

#Travel agents should have database of every single transaction they are doing on phone, email or face to face. This information should help travel agency identify top 50 customers and also tailor program to upsell and cross sell deals to existing clientle.

#Use website and email as effective tool to attract new customers as once people start visiting online travel search engine and their customer care centres start to have 7-10 minutes wait to talk to reps they would surely like to know if some one is available locally to answer calls within 2-3 minutes and is in 2-3 km distance.

The idea is for customers to be dependent on you as a Family travel agent keeping track of all your travel needs and be on speed dial like doctors,lawyers and accountants. – DVD Rental Delhi and Mumbai is another entrant not covered before at this blog. Just saw an ad in local Delhi Times. The Ad was effective to the point as the name is pretty clear on offering. Talk about importance of naming business.

The site was very clear and decent as it covered a good collection of latest DVD releases and couple of them previously not available with other providers servicing by delivery location. They have a good RSS feed feature using which you can subscribe feed directly keeping updated on latest releases instead visiting site very often.

the pricing model is expensive as compared to other providers. Though one thing would like to know from them is if they are accepting credit card as mode of payment and will be keeping the credit card details on file. Then why are they charging security upfront. I am not sure if netflix and others in US follow similar security deposit scheme.

Tutorvista – Another Indian Internet Venture recieve funding

Congrats for tutorvista on recieving the funding needed to become the next big business from indian IT space. Though i dont agree much with the title statement “Another Indian Internet Venture”. Though tutorvista is a great model but its too US centric. Hence perfect example of an KPO model. Important thing to learn from the organization is how technology can be a business model enabler. Clearly if you look at most of the ideas getting funded they are technology companies changing the way simple business like tutoring is done.

Though tutorvista is now operating/offering tutoring for most of the school/college/competitive exam programs. Important aspect is 99$ per month with 5000 students per month enrolled is a great cash flow positive model. It will be important to see what kind of other strategies do they use to tie up with local school board which can outsource tutoring of students lagging behind in class.

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