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Technology startup location India – Bangalore or Delhi to select

Couple of old school days friends were visiting and asked this question. Which is the best location for a technology startup. Now keeping this in mind none of them went to IIT or IIM. But studied at schools abroad in US and their connection with academic world in india its pretty much to a minimum.

Choices which came out of discussion were

– Delhi

– Bangalore

– Pune

– Hyderabad

lets look the points we had for each city


– Home town advantage. Family nearby old friend contacts

– Power and business capital so easy to find clients to sell products to. (Tech companies are not potential clients)

-Good local technical colleges in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida region but not good experience technical staff available

– Availability of IT infrastructure enabled office space

– Lack of quality of life with long travelling distances and exterme weathers.

– Lack of good business incubators except for couple of STPI’s being run

– Higher startup cost


– Good IT experience staff available

– Office space is expensive

– Good incubators and local IT business networking opportunity.

– Silicon Valley of India.

– Western culture influence with mix of indian helps with easy settlement.

– Better weather


None of us had much information on IT enviornment there but with large technical colleges and office space getting built there we can imagine it to give competition to other centres for shelf space.


Though its well marketed and its same in terms of bangalore as far as silicon valley advantages are concerned. For some reason no one in the group liked the place. It just came up as couple of their college friends from hyderabad had started their operations from region.

As they still remain undecided their choices got narrowed down between bangalore and delhi (NCR).

General trend which came to our notice was generally service oriented startups were located in NCR. On the other hand technology startup building tech products were based in bangalore region. This is possibly due the fact gurgaon is now famous for back office operations which most of the service oriented companies are dependent as model to perform.

Startup India 

18 Mistakes startups make

found link to this great article. The synopsis for later reference

18 mistakes that kill start-ups

1. Single Founder
2. Bad Location
3. Marginal Niche
4. Derivative Idea
5. Obstinacy
6. Hiring Bad workers
7. Choosing the Wrong Platform
8. Slowness in Launching
9. Launching Too Early
10. Having No Specific User in Mind
11. Raising Too Little Money
12. Spending Too Much
13. Raising Too Much Money
14. Poor Investor Management
15. Sacrificing Users to (Supposed) Profit
16. Not Wanting to Get Your Hands Dirty
17. Fights Between Founders
18. A Half-Hearted Effort

The details at – Online Movie Ticket Booking Service Delhi

Doing a search recently to find service which provides online movie ticket booking service in delhi brought me to Will the site had unimpressive UI. The ajax widget which help you select theatre and movie timing was pretty cool. Though end of the day were useless keeping in mind didnt connect right to registration page as new customer or ask for login kind of thing.

Important thing for these sites is competition they will be recieving from M-Tickets venture. Though their are issues and still possibility is Movietell kind of model can sustain better in india.

First issues with movietell and how can they improve their business model.

# They need to get UI design more clearer with better presentation

# They are charging 10 Bucx per ticket they got to work out a better model. Example if they are issuing E-Tickets why not  sell ad-space on the e-ticket itself. As only 30% content is going to be movie details .Rest 70% can be used for displaying ad’s which can help in keeping the cost down to zero.

# Secondly they can increase the actual volumes and negotiate with cinemas to work on commission basis. Its common to work on 4-5% distribution or printing cost reduction margin basis.

# You can try to go in for a franchisee model where people can goto buy ticket offline from a franchisee who has deposited money at your end. This way you are creating a bigger value chain and pressence pan-india.

# Try not to just concentrate on movie tickets. Get Concerts and sports events also online.  As these are mediums still selling via banks etc.

This can be a great model which can surely work if right people for execution are available. If they need help do e-mail me.

Ebay India and Cultuzz – Joining the Travel Portal Bandwagon India

Ebay India and Cultuzz have decided to join the travel bandwagon in india. They have been working together in german speaking markets together for a long  time. Cultuzz in the partnership will be providing a platform for entreprenuers/hoteliers to supply surplus capacity and auction it via ebay model. The only problem in india is with growth in travel sector we are seeing shortage of space. Secondly very less hoteliers will be interested in shelving their space using this model keeping in mind incentives on roll by travel portals asking them to host inventory with them.

Though the USP for hoteliers or other tourisim service providers is using the services they can reach out to other countries based ebay customers who are use to ebay model for finding deals. I am already in talk with a hotel consulting them on strategy to use internet to increasing bookings in off season. Currently in off season hotel has 60% occupancy. The idea is to increase this to 85% level. Lets see how successful we are.

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