Ebay India and Cultuzz – Joining the Travel Portal Bandwagon India

Ebay India and Cultuzz have decided to join the travel bandwagon in india. They have been working together in german speaking markets together for a long  time. Cultuzz in the partnership will be providing a platform for entreprenuers/hoteliers to supply surplus capacity and auction it via ebay model. The only problem in india is with growth in travel sector we are seeing shortage of space. Secondly very less hoteliers will be interested in shelving their space using this model keeping in mind incentives on roll by travel portals asking them to host inventory with them.

Though the USP for hoteliers or other tourisim service providers is using the services they can reach out to other countries based ebay customers who are use to ebay model for finding deals. I am already in talk with a hotel consulting them on strategy to use internet to increasing bookings in off season. Currently in off season hotel has 60% occupancy. The idea is to increase this to 85% level. Lets see how successful we are.


1 Response to “Ebay India and Cultuzz – Joining the Travel Portal Bandwagon India”

  1. 1 Allen Harp February 4, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the increase in bookings you receive if you really involve the ebay sight. It has been successful in other locations for wuite some time.

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