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Raj Travels – Tour Directors Needed!

Recently read an advertisement in newspaper from raj travels inviting applications from people interested to be tour directors for international tours being organized. Now i dont know if they are seriously looking for such people or its just another advertising gimmick. As if you read the ads you should look at the wording game and how they are trying to build trust with people by emphasizing on the following quality of their tours.

* Inclusive Packages with no further expense requirement by tour members

* Credibility and no guilt concious for tour directors

I dont know about you but the ad really made a point to me how Raj Travel is serious about its outbound international travel business. Currently this is considered full of grey areas are most of the travel agent advertising are just trying to suck people into calling in and once they do then only people can really find out difference (if they are smart enough) on different opt in packages they have got built around the basic travel package on offer by people like raj travels, cox & king etc.

Travelocity India – Bringing Online Travel Portal Battle to India

With Brands like Yatra, cleartrip, travelguru buzzing in indian market. Enterance of travelocity will be the most important. As ideally travelocity will have lot of advantage over yatra or travelguru when it goes to suppliers. As supplier contracting with them will be an advantage for getting international exposure via their successful chain of International Internet properties which are churning big volumes (approx tune of 7.2 billion dollars).

Another thing important to know is how are they acting different from offline travel agents in terms of contracts offered to hoteliers etc. In new year will be talking to couple of these portals on behalf of some know hotel properties. Will post further details.

No Response – and

I have emailed couple of questions to both Indiatimes travel and flightraja people. to my suprise after getting such good response initally none of them replied back to questionaire. New Years resolution get pesky while following up people.

Other people who had replied back to us for feedback in regard to this blog

– Rediff Fare Search Team




Insider news (cant say reliable sources) on Indiatimes Travel is their e-commerce manager has put in papers and they were looking for replacement. This could be the reason for no reply.

Keep watching this space for more on this

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