Jobs in Indian Online Industry

Indian online industry is seeing an exponential growth with finally firms taking medium as source of revenue. But important things which firms are realizing are that Tech Geeks are not the best person to head operations to derieve revenue out of the medium . Though the geeks understand the medium very well its lack of creativity which is required as medium is competiting with television. This is the reason we are seeing influx of adman on traditionally geeks turf. Lot of people from advertising world are joining online ventures ranging from MTV Cyrus joining contest2win to Nikhil Rungta joining .

Now somehow if you evaluate these people are better of as head of creativity, marketing etc at at dotcom. As they bring basics of an offline business to the online industry and their risk taking appetite is better as compared to other hardcore offline industry workers. Possible job openings in online industry (non-programming)

– Sales

– Marketing

Well they may sound as any other normal function of an organization they are very core to an online company. Recently Times Institute owned by Times of India group launched certificate program in the above 2 fields but the best part was opportunity to intern with times internet properties like timesjob, simplymarry etc. Online Industry is bomming and currently sales and marketing positions are being filled by search engine optimization experts (geeks). We need more basis sales and marketing industry to join the sector to spearhead and grow the industry at similar scales as any other offline industry.


3 Responses to “Jobs in Indian Online Industry”

  1. 1 Shalabh December 28, 2006 at 6:23 pm

    Hi Sidharth,
    Yes I agree. But I’d like to add (been thinking to blog abt it, mebe will do so in some time) to this: Ever wondered why inspite of being very high demand, the remuneration structure is not extremely great. Specially at Mid level to senior level positions. I mean on basic economics- it is extremely difficult to source someone with a 6-8 years hardcore online experience in the industry (same for the entire region- Asia and SE Asia- others like Japan, Korea, Australia- mebe not that difficult)- but even then if you look at the compensation structure, they are not paid much higher than the industry average.
    So economics fails in a way- Demand exceeds supply but the cost does not! At least not in a similar proportion.

    Will blog in detail on it. When I get time! Thoughts strted flowing already! Nice to see your blog. Updated and ‘brain juicy’


  2. 2 Sid Puri December 28, 2006 at 6:58 pm

    Well you are right to a certain extent but most of the senior management players we are seeing in the industry are being offered equity to bring in commitment and help with the idea of wealth creation. So its not so bad for people risking to join online companies

  3. 3 avinashbhojwani June 22, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    yes i do agree with you. But I think you are missing the one basic thing about the us (Geeks). We are not opted and trained in the way online industry works. My blog “Online Marketing” is pointing out this thing. Actually we lack this from our basic education. That’s the problem.

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