Questions to ask Entreprenuer

Whenever i meet an aspiring technologist/scientist willing to take a plunge into the world of entreprenuership. I though encourage them but with a wind of caution.  The idea is if i can share learning from my mitsakes, i can surely help some individual advance the learning curve rather than just restricting it to threshold level averaging out.

Questions i ask to wanna Entreprenuer

q1) Are you alone in this or you got friends/family read to risk with you in venture ?

Q2) Have you spoken to a potential client?

Q3) Do you wish to forgoe your day job/studies to do this full time ?

Q4) Do you know of competition around?

Q5) Will you be creating something new something which is unique (patentable) ?

Q6) What is your current soci-economic background ?

Q7) Do you know someone close to know who may have taken similar risk ?

Q8) Do you have any particular role model or mentor in mind who can help you with questions you may have ?

Generally based on answers to these questions i am able to determine their risk apetite, their passion for the idea and how serious they are to make it happen. The above is a good excercise for any individual as if you read each question they might not make sense but in the above order they help you draw a picture of yourself and help with a little bit of soul search.


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