Zamzar – Online File Conversion Utility

I am not a big fan of product technology companies as for some reason not able to relate to their money making capbalities especially dealing in domain like file conversion. But for some reason wanted to do a post on this product. As i have for years faced problem converting basic doc files into pdf documents. As away from office my laptop didnt have a license of Adobe Acrobat. So dependent on those 5$ -10$ conversion utility. It was a big waste of time. Zamzar was something i bumped into when looking to convert a page maker file in HTML.

The utility has lot of extensions available and very useful keeping in mind you dont have licensed edition of all softwares available to carry out conversion. Secondly being online you need not to be dependent on some crappy plugin software installed on PC.

Havent read the tech crunch review of product. Will post more once they come out of beta.


1 Response to “Zamzar – Online File Conversion Utility”

  1. 1 Reed Amanda April 18, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Zamzar is one of the amazying and most useful web conversion tool which I have tried recently. but to convert video, I’d recommend Acethinker Video Converter, the conversion speed is faster than zamzar. And it’s totally free.

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