Effect of Blogs on Search Engine – Blog as product promotion tool

I never understood the power of blogging till i actually started my own blog in 2004. But even then blogging was just another tool to post answers to common question i was asked on study abroad forums. 2 Months ago when i finally got bored of answering same and same questions again and again. Decided to use power of blogging to satisfy my own intellect to post answers to questions i wanted to ask. So blog gave me a diary where i could start a question and answer it myself. Kind of challenge if you may see.

But since i started this blog i have been researching all aspects of blogging begining from why do 10 people i dont know have subscribed to my blog via RSS feed. Why 100 new visitors are added every day to my growing readership of my blog and finally the biggest question of all. Why does dal makhni and sanjeev kapoor as a keyword bring lot of people to my blog.

Blog from being a tool to post your thoughts online has become an effective marketing tool. With search engines like google emphasizing on freshness of content and number of people reading/visiting the page. Blog posts have risen up in search engine rankings against your corporate page offering services. Every time we run a search the possibility of running into a blog post increases after the first page. Is this a matter of concern. From a blogger perspective no as i like to see stats swear up everyday, it gives a sense of satisfaction but as a consultant helpin people  define e-commerce strategy (without using google AD’s) its sad.  The reason people are not finding what they are looking or they are finding what they are looking for but approaching someone with a pre-formated opinion courtsey a blog post they got the link from. Which is not good for  company the reason either we should have a rating system for blogs to determine credibility and certify persons knowledge on topic.

What i have learnt from the blogging world if you are so worried of people getting harmed from your advice, just put a disclaimer and all onus of responsibility is taken off. I have personally communicated with someone from the management team of most of the travel portals covered on my blog. Though my commentry is not based on my discussion with them its more from a user perspective. I am working on a travel portal on my own visaonnet.com  but its in no competition with yatra,cleartrip,flightraja etc. If possible i would like to use their booking engines at backend. The idea with the blog is to make people aware of better ways to use these travel portals and also for the travel portal managers to improve their product to built the online travel market more  strong.

So next time you find my blog from travel 2.0 keyword or dal makhni. Please rest assure you will find 60% post on online travel industry and only 1 on Dal makhni.

2 Responses to “Effect of Blogs on Search Engine – Blog as product promotion tool”

  1. 1 rsbodapati January 22, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    it tells the power of blogging and its impact of the online industry in INDIA.

  2. 2 inside March 19, 2007 at 3:55 am

    This is very interesting site…

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