Prediction 2007 – What to look out in Indian Market

As soon as year comes to an end. Its time of the year when everywhere around the blogsphere people are busy making predictions…from personal to industry specific. At Business India 2.0 we decided to make our own set of predictions based on how we feel corporate india will start to use web transforming online industry in India for betterment of all.

Non- Technology Product Blogging : Till now indian startups were busy blogging on their new products being launched as part of PR and brand building excercise. But we will see more non-technology product launches to use blogging as effective marketing and PR brand building tools. Example Car Manufacturer talking about car building and release on blog. Trust me would create more buzz than paying journalist to review them for papers and mags. Beside we bloggers will give fair review for just a sandwich 🙂

HR and Social Networking :Organizations have a good outlet in terms of alumni managment but internal people management is going to be the keys. Social Networking will play an important role for people within an organization to connect with people of same interest and also learn about other domain practises in a firm. Other than this social networking will also help in creating hiring strategy for HR firms to discover new people and monitor existing employees interest to keep their personal goals and ambitions aligned with organizations/project goals.

Game Testing:  Software testing has become a specialized vertical in india with great volume of growth  expected. Secondly thing will be Game usability testing with N! number of hours spent at university labs playing Quake and Counter Strike comming to use as a paid proffesion.

Corporate – University Linkage : More companies will come forward to link up with universities to create technology hotbeds or mini sillicon valley in far fletched places across india.

These are predictions from us at Business India 2.0 Blog. If we dont blog anymore for this year. Please excuse as got a great party to blast!!!!



2 Responses to “Prediction 2007 – What to look out in Indian Market”

  1. 1 Bonnie D'souza January 14, 2007 at 4:43 pm


    I have shares of Mahindra,L&t.

    Should I hold?



  2. 2 Bonnie D'souza January 14, 2007 at 4:44 pm


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