Travel Business and new Technologies – How to take advantage

Every blog i have read in recent times have critized the google acquisation of youtube. But from google perspective i believe they are doing right. As we all since medivial ages(post 2000) have been talking on content being the king. Keeping this mind with increasing broadband penetration around the world video is the next frontier for the web. Where Web will actually fight with TV for user attention. For google to become the operation system of internet they need to control all user entry path to the system. Simple terms what commercial interest google has is still not very obivous and requires guessing.

But lets look at what as an indian online company can we take advantage of things like youtube. Lets take an example of an inbound travel agency. Travel agencies were one of the few people in the industry to adapt to internet for generation of sales and business pressence. In india organizations like intermesh grew into field of web designing and search optimization by servicing hundreds of these operators. After years of money spent talking to travel/tour operators reveal they are not able to generate revenue they had thought being on the first page of a keyword search would actually return.

Reason :  For a person comming via search engine as they dont know travel agent/brand name its only the price value the differentiation factor. As all travel agents/ tour operator websites talk about same travel iteniary and all its very difficult for potential customer to differentiate.

So how can you help customers make informed decision and increase sales by not fighting on price by quality factors

1) Toll Free 24 hours customer care. Getting 1-800 is not a big expense these days and hiring a person in india would cost less than 300$ per month to man the phones 24  hours.

2) At a cost of $100-150 per video start making 3-5 minutes videos on destinations/tours  you as an agent run. Host these videos on your site and share them on sites like youtube as free travelogue branded with your contact details plan and information. Also upload it to travel 2.0 portals for users to benefit. You will see sudden increase in number of leads generated not fighting on price issue as people believe what they see.

3) Answer questions on travel forums and advice people on destinations etc.

4) Social networking join clubs of your interest and declare your proffesion and request people to ask you questions. This way you build trust and name.

These are few ways for travel business specialist to take advantage of the internet and keep in compeition with big players.


2 Responses to “Travel Business and new Technologies – How to take advantage”

  1. 1 Jayant Hudar January 6, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    I think what google did is pure business. being in Internet Business requires you to be ahead of others, and find opportunities well in advance.


  2. 2 iXiGO Travel 2.0 search July 7, 2007 at 1:57 am

    To experience what better travel technology can do to flight search, you should try out for a smoother travel search experience.

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