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Google Maps India – Boost to Location Based Services

Google Maps have finally come out with street level mapping for indian cities. Currently they are covering big cities only. Being based in New Delhi it was great to finally see my neighbourhood(new friends colony) mapped. Though the detailing is not very accurate and the naming of roads is different from one commonly used around the area and city. But it surely is a boost for hundred of companies waiting to launch map based software applications for india.

Google map is also providing direction services which is good keeping in mind commonwealth games comming to india in 2010.  The only sad part is they are yet map the suburbs like NOIDA and Gurgaon which surely would be more easier to map as compared to delhi as they are well planned and urban planning authority keeps check on unauthorized constructions.

Do we need another Travel Portal

This morning when i got off phone from a potential customer looking at entering the travel segment. I had a wierd sense of responsibility to warn them about good’s and bad of the industry as my idea is to be associated with something which i believe in not just for the money.

In india travel portal game requires atleast investment of 15-20 crores to create a brand name and create sustainable value. Now the client is talking investment level of 1 crore over 18 months period. The techie in me says no but the entreprenuer in me is challenging me to take a chance and actually create a low cost travel portal with no frills and no big budget ad spend. If Air deccan airlines can come out with low cost airlines why cant their be an low cost travel portal to compete with the bigwigs. The idea is to create a niche for self. Will study the opportunity for another week or two before deciding on giving it a shot.

suggestions are welcome on how to go about it

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