Archive for January 15th, 2007 – Launch in Feb 2007

Finally travelocity has come out with a date for its indian lauch. The company which is operating from Mumbai has been busy forming alliances to bring in more hotels and airlines available on its globally accepted online booking engine.  The value travelocity is suppose to be providing these suppliers willing to use engine is access to global audience. As travelocity has pressence in major travel markets of the world it makes sense for operators to make their inventory available to them instead of a local portal.

These firms are giving tough competition to GDS like Galileo, Amadeus, Abacus as they are in long term trying to bypass them and project themselves as GDS direct to consumer.  Whats becoming more clearer with GDS changing roles and launching service portals for customers that they are willing to reinvent themselves. In the whole scenario loss will only be off travel agents who will find it difficult to compete with the GDS promoted venture offering discounts at same commission rates what they are being offered.

This scenario is yet to effect indian market but soon we will see global ripple effect making inroads into indian travel industry. With GDS re-inventing important thing to see will be that do travel agents wind up or change their model of operation.

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