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Travel Technology India

With lot of IT companies realizing the opportunity of online travel portals in india. Few of them are now thinking how can they be different. Keeping in mind lot of money has already been invested in creating online travel sites with sophisticated booking engines etc.

Few possible ideas technology companies can look into if they are so eager to join the online travel e-commerce bandwagon

– Travel Deal Aggregator

This is the new category where competition is going to heat up. You should be good at writing screen catchers or get access to API’s on offer by amadeus,galileo worldspan to write your own deal aggregator. Couple of cool ones available in market Mobissimo

– Destination Travelogue

This is  sector which is yet to be exploited to its maximum potential.  This is a space which can be very well dominated by Inbound tour operators. Aggregating content on a single destination. Its a task in it self and  fresh created content will not only get you links from other sites but actual interested users which with right CRM software can be converted into quality sales.

– CRM products from travel portals

With travel agencies joining the bandwagon its essential for them to realize revenues from IT infrastructure they are creating. With most of the agencies getting their sites done by small time operators with no real time e-commerce experience. Its essential if someone can product essential hits to sales conversion utility. It can sell lot of copies in india. Secondly it will also create room for the operator to foray into TRAVEL BPO sector.

– Car Rental Network Portal

In india airport pickup service is yet to take off from booking via online space. Their is a huge demand in terms with car rental companies tieing up with Hotels directly they can bypass the travel agent. But with a seperate car rental portal advantage is to derive bookings from international visitors who would like to book individual customized day tours.

More to come….. to soon offer ITZ Cash card as payment method

Its a great news i thought must share with everyone. one of my pet projects is going to soon start accepting new e-payment methods like cash cards courtsey service provider ITZ Cash Card. Advantage for students and people afraid to use credit cards online is they but pay for applications by purchasing cash cards at small town retailers stocking ITZ Cash Cards of various demonitions and use it online once they are ready to submit the application.

The main reason to share this new is to highlight how e-services in india can reach out to non-credit card holding population still keeping its model in tact. In the era when most of the DOT COM’s are venturing into offline models to support online operations. Its important to note that its not advisable to follow route for all kind of database oriented businesses.As by using payment collection methods like ITZ Cash Card companies can save expenditure on running offline payment collection centres.

Other organizations using ITZ Cash Card to accept payments are Railways,, MTNL

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