Google Ad has killed the Internet Advertising Model

There was a time when Ad space use to be a inventory most sought after revenue stream for a Dotcom. Their was a dedicated staff responsible for generation of advertisements for online but with google ad system this all is gone.  It may be for benefit of advertisers but for the dot com’s its not a good thing.

Lets take example of india where 70% of dot com’s launched are never updated. Out of the rest of 30% only 5% sites are the one which are regularly updated (once in week) and actually are worth advertising. These 5% sites were earlier fighting for online ad spend of corporates. But with google ads the whole 100% is now fighting for the share.

The upside

– It has helped increase online ad spending


– revenue spend is not creating click throughs worth sales as an e-commerce site which has guaranteed credit card spend visitor comming will ensure in better product sale instead of an content website which can have any demographic/category user.

– This is also leading in click frauds etc.

Now to create a better system either google should start screening the application and increase relevancy on category of sites etc rather than just content.  Otherwise Ad budgets will keep going down the drain without creating the much needed impact.

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