Storage and Backup Solutions – Vertical which can see SaS product growth

In india storage and taking backup of important data is yet to pickup. With increasing internet connectivity and lowered server infrastructure cost. People are using E-mail servers and FTP servers as place for hosting data backups. But people are yet to understand these sources can be used for planned backup but what about unplanned data files. which we are acumulating as we work on PC everyday.

Its estimated people loose on an average 5 MB of data every day. So for a person working 20 days in a week it means he is ough to loose around 1.2 GB worth of data every year. With unlimited bandwidth plans becoming a norm users would surely use an external drive accessiable via network/internet for storing their backup. Just like an anti-virus software,backup software should be installed on every machine. My wish list of such backup software

– Ability to monitor specific folders for daily backup of updated file versions

-Ability to version backups automatically and facility to archive for burning

– Software accessible via windows explorer like external device connected via USB

– Backup data also accessiable via control panel format for offsite access

– Ability to manage multiple devices backup from a single account.

– Ability to remote schedule backup sync.

If such a software is already available in india would surely like to try a demo as for a small organization paying fixed price INR 500 is too small price for ensuring data security and storage.


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