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Advertising Jobs Online vs Print – My Side of story

Please note this is not a post about how their are different job portals and which to select but account of my experience with advertising for finding employees.

During last 12 months i have tried advertising using following mediums and will explain them one by one – Advertised position Graphic Designer and Sales/Business Development Executive

20% resumes recieved for position of graphic designer were relevant to my advertising description/specification. But very very poor result for sales/business development executive position.  This made me think what is important for these portals is to create a tool which help an individual identify what designation is he suitable for. As people are yet to understand difference between Marketing and Sales. Hence a goal oriented tool which analyzes resumes existing subjective description and identify tasks carried against position listed based on suggestive keywords. This will not only help in streamlining job roles and defination industry wide. But help potential employees get in right job brackets and demand right salaries according to their skills instead of their job titles held. – Very effective in generating immediate replies to job posting under same categories as but relevance of resumes low. My Job description specified job require employees to work in Delhi-NCR. Resumes of candidates being sended with preffered work location specified : Bangalore or Chennai.

Classified Newspaper Times of India – Finally some response from potential candidates for sales job in software organization.

Final Verdict : IT – Technology/Development jobs – post online

Sales/Marketing/Management Jobs – post in newspaper

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February 2007