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Flixster features to filter down to Online DVD rental websites

Caution : This post is not about agreement with any online DVD rental company in india. Its to outline how flixster kind of social networking is already in existance and how it can benefit DVD rental companies.

 Flixster the new movie rating service based on concept of social networking linking users based on their common liking of movies/actors. This concept is not new and if we talk in terms of web 1.0 and 2.0. 1.0 was IMDB the great database sydnicated by Yahoo movies and many other sites. Web 2.0 is flixster. Though issue remains here why would people register online with them and rate movie whats in for them. Well its idea of  create sub-portal for every movie based on user generated content makes it so exciting. From user comments to reviews to quizzes. For movie buff’s this could be one site to collect and share all information on their favourite movie. Once this information is collected it could be sydnicated bt our very own DVD rental organizations to help sell their products which is renting out of the movie.

flixster still doesnt have lot of movie listing but they have created tools which can be used to create the content. Lets see how online DVD rental organizations start take advantage of such initatives.

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