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E-commerce 2.0 – Online Shopping is India Ready

With starting to advertise in media about their online shopping website. It looks like comming in of a new wave of online shopping portals which will start to mushroom up. Though this time game and strategy will be all together different. First of all customers will be comming online not because of value online shopping derieve but convienance of shopping at the same branded retailer they do offline. As trust is the biggest factor downplaying use of internet as online medium for shopping.

Once the brands are able to establish trust factor they will be able to service large section of customers they were not able to reach out with products they could not put on shelves and by just maitaining JIT (Just-In-Time) inventory management technique. But to encourage such online ventures its important for manufacturers to create IT infrastructure which helps in real time information sharing for creating a value chain which benefit both the vendor and supplier.

Majorly following factors can be termed as potential reason for growth of B2C sales for India in 2007-08

– Retail sector will become more organized and establishment of brand names

-Broadband Penetration

– New method of E-Payments like cash card, net banking etc being promoted for online transactions

– Mobile phone acting as delivery point of information and potential sales channel.

Lets keep a wait and watch situtation for now.

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