Why Do Companies fail in India

Every week you see advertisement in newspaper from some or other bank auctioning assets of organizations ranging from rolling steel mills to bottling plant. If india is roaring and people are ready to ride the boom why are these small and medium size enterprises not able to sustain and survive. Talking to various people on this aspect especially Mayank Saraf and looking at the industry up for auction closely. It was identified the type of companies which are not succeding are

– Companies started by traders who had capability to sell the items but not able to control the cost of manufacturing them . In the end loosing out due to lack of operational experience.
– Family owned enterprises whose main objective of starting the company was providing employment to all family members. Hence lack of financial planning and irregularities in managing companies funds

– Companies unable to scale up to the demand and due to small size not able to win large orders.

– Firms which are unable to play the credit account recievables cycle right. anywhere in world people will take free ride.

These are some few classifications of companies which tend to fail. Idea of doing this post is to make entreprenuers understand they shouldnt fall in any one of the categories. Though these failing companies in booming economy also provide opportunity to people willing to jump in for the first time to help tide around fortunes of a sinking ship. As no person in distress will refuse call for help. If you are one of those people who still havent found an idea, Go find a failing business in your neighbourhood or community you could help turn around.


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