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Sunsilk Gang of Girls bubble ready to burst

This is one review i have been thinking of doing for a really long time. Product of an advertising company taking benefits of new web 2.0 technologies ranging from blogs to power of social networking. You ask for it its all their at .

Why i liked the site it was an idea of an advertising agency not a web agency to come up with an online initative to mobilize the connected girls of tommorow. Though when the campaign was running frequently in months of Oct-Nov the site was seeing lot of activities but since then if you look on alexa for site traffic it has tend to slow down a bit. Probably HLL was right when they said they would like to take this concept further to other countries as the bubble for the site is ready to burst as far india is concerned.

Though to keep concept alive HLL later announced that concept would be re-launched for rural initative as Sunsilk Saheli it needs more than branding making available array of tools of collabration for keep the concept going.  Couple of ideas looks like deriving collabration and content via mobile phones. As mobile phones have better penetration as compared to internet in tier-II and tier-III india. Example subscribe for hair tips via sms. Competition for girls,local meets etc.

Even the current site needs lot of moderation or pumping in of fresh contents as just like most of the social networking softwares its very hard to keep users intact and force them to keep updating new content. If we dont see new user generated content comming online .We may see death of the concept for urban chick too.

As far as brand is concerned plus side for sunsilk here is ability to use power of technology to position brand successful and create following among niche users whom must have generated enough feedback for the brand to understand demographic served.  Other brands need to take a cue from here and understand how web can be used as an effective brand delivery/promotion tool.

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