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Mindtree Consulting IPO oversubscribed 103.28 times

Moneycontrol had this post “Mindtree Consulting IPO oversubscribed 103.28 times” my first reaction damn. Lately most of my stock prediction have been doing good. Redington India opened at 20% premium on listing, Tech Mahindra has broken all records it looks like my hobby of predicting market is starting to pay me off. Fortunately for me i dont go by gut feeling always try to analyze technicals and markets capability to understand a stock before investing, this strategy till now its paying off. On basis of gut feeling i once invested in “Yes Bank @ INR 98/share”as my only technical behind it was bank was expanding in business banking sector instead of retail with leaner and meaner network which will make it good acquisation target for a bigger bank. Over period of 6 months itself share saw immense activity with it touching high of INR 170/share though i had benchmarked a band of INR 145-150 to exit the share i holded onto as i became greedy. Bottomline market feel so did the share went down to INR 143 now with market again getting stabled playing around INR 150. What this has taught me is for a retail investor the best way to enter market is via IPO instead of secondary market. As when a person subscribe to an IPO he looks at merits and demerits of the organization instead of just how market is reacting to it.

Siddharth Puri Predictions for the new IPO 2007

Evinix Accessories – Stay away as most of textile manufacturing firms have not got good reaction from the market. Secondly the firm has had uneven path from being profit to loss and with every changing dynamics  of textile industry only for those with high risk appetite which i surely dont fall under.

IDEA Cellular – lot of small investors have been running to get into this one due to the low price band and immense valuation shown of HUTCH and AIRTEL. Though technicals are not in favor as market cap vs base vs technology vs circle operated do not show favorable position. My biggest point was its an Birla group company and for some reason not very good at performing at stock market.

Fortis Healthcare – With company establishing itself as leader in healthcare solutions in India especially with acquisation of Escort Heath Institutes from Nanda Family they seems to be a valid case for increasing infrastructure building activities in health care sector which will pay off due to excellent management in place and right consistent financial growth achieved by the organization. Looking forward for this IPO

Website design firms merging with Advertising Agencies

Today while reading economic times. I saw an ad from an IT web design firm looking to buy an established advertisement agency, the first thing it made me think was how advertising agencies have started to give web design firms run for their money by wining most of the big online initatives. The problem with web design firms has been when most of them started they had only way to evolve further, which was to become an IT consulting firm. But now with internet being established as an effective medium for reaching to consumers it was more easier for advertising agencies to take their creative skills to the newer medium.

With advertising agencies proving their effectiveness in creating quality web design projects the web design firms have found new paths to grow. They are looking to reposition themselves either as internet marketing firms hence need to acquire advertising/brand building skills from offline counter part ad agencies. We have earlier also covered in this blog about IT firms starting advertising agencies example Smile Interactive’s initative Qusar Media etc. This is the only way forward for plain simple web design firms to either reposition themselves as Internet marketing firms or alternatively move higher up in the value chain to become an IT Consultant or Staffing agencies like other firms in business.

Prediction : valuation of advertising agencies will increase with cash chasing IT firms being made available for acquisation of such firms for growth of IT firms.

Happy Birthday Greetings – Thanks all

This post is for everyone who called,sms’ed,sended an e-card or wished me in person.

Special mention to Mayank,Ashish and Priya who arranged the special chocolate mud cake at 2 AM!!!!!

Anyway dont get to take a day off….long day ahead….got to get some sleep!!!!

Again thanks everyone!!!!!!

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