Archive for February 21st, 2007 – Jingling on Red FM 93.5 was reviewed by us before they started advertising on Red FM.   Just a brief according to us for them to take real advantage of the advertising campaign, the site needs more work and better workflow to capitalize on each lead being generated on the site to convert to sale.

For people who wish to understand business model should look at as this is what the site can further evolve into and create an effective online sales delivery platform

Am i bad blogger!!!

When i started this blog the whole concept was to create a reference point for all ideas and thoughts which keep popping up in my head on daily basis. Over the last 3 months and 150 posts,  this blog has helped me get more focused in terms of industry analysis and has benefit to generate enough networking to keep me busy and help with getting some potential clients. Based on few people’s suggestion did a post for and the under category new blogs.  Unfortunately lost out on both the competition!!!

Not suprised keeping in mind the type of content i have been putting online..its sure helping me achieve my objective of a reference point though not much of help to others. Anyway have decided to open up platform for my existing readers to decide what topics should i discuss more as idea of the blog is to do analysis of the news being published in relation to “online industry in india”

I do get lot of comments for travel technology and portals so will keep posting under that head. Any other head or post which readers liked and would like to read some more stuff based on similar lines is asked for!!!

Otherwise hey this blog is suppose to be my reference point and will remain to be like that….

Keep reading!!!!

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