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PVR Movies Logo is not a bad designed website but unfortunately their online booking engine still requires lot of work.  I use the site a lot to get show timing and new releases date. But never actually tried to book movie tickets online, given the new year resolution to do maximum purchases online i thought should give them a shot. Registering with PVR website was a task in itself for me as i never expected the site to be not friendly to Mozzila firefox browser. Once the registration was completed they had an email system where activation code is sended which need to be entered on the site to get the account activated. I thought the problem only lay with registration system hence again gave the site shot with firefox browser selected the movie and show which i wanted ticket for. Though i like the online seat selection procedure with live feed on seats available, but again ran into problem after entering credit card was unable to get response back. Problem firefox. Tried the whole procedure using Internet Explorer worked fine. Wasnt happy paying INR 10 extra per ticket as convienance charge but its alrite as atleast it ensures i will get seat in show of my choice. Site has lot of usability issue and would have preffered to book it using movietell but unfortunately they still dont have PVR cinemas on their movie booking engine.

Movietell on other hand has improved a lot with faster retrival of information and easier user interface to manage with nice use of javascript and AJAX. Keeping more information aside for next month review of movietell to launch National Property Stock Exchange – can it work!!

Financial Express carried a news about to launch National Property Stock exchange with liquidity corpus of 500 crores. I had thought of similar idea almost 9-10 months back but following short falls lead me to scrap it for time being

– With higher valuations of property what kind of mechanism or calculation to be brought down to breakup property into equity. So more than one buyer could be invested on the property.

– What kind of property will be allowed to get listed keeping in mind in India biggest problem with properties is unclear title or unregistered properties

– In terms of liquidity as property registration and transfer etc takes long time how can they promise within 7 days money invested will be again available to buyer if willing to get out of the investment

– How will the sub-brokers etc benefit in getting people to sell their property via national property stock exchange in terms will they get commission on trades for doing nothing or defined procedural role have been created.

– Will margin account concept be made available for people to invest in properties at higher interest rate. If yes then if one partner is pledging equity in property as collateral will conset of others required.

Though property in india has high investment return but the reason for that being 60% of money is being traded in black market and mostly speculated. Will have to wait for more rules and further press releases from to understand their model.










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Travel Portal Synergies – to power air deccan hotel engine

First it was – spicejet airlines and now its – air deccan news. Travel portals in india have stuck upon opportunity to help low cost airlines derieve value added benefits from their existing online infrastructure setup. This will help travel portals to keep moving their inventory which is essential to keep up with the volume targets and help airlines to monetize and keep customers from wandering off to travel portals like travelguru which are going the package deal way to woo in clients.

For all the travel portal owners potential list of airlines to get in touch to derieve business.

– Kingfisher Airlines

– Indigo Airlines

– Go Airlines

these are the airlines one should bet on to get some synergies going.

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