The Big Indian Aviation market Fraud

As we also run an offline travel desk we often get queries from people on reservation of cheap air deccan 1Re ticket or similar schemes launched by various airlines. Though most of the time reason for people to ward off is the taxes charged by the government. This post is not about the tax charged by the government but how many times taxes collected from passengers are not reaching the government.

We have seen so many times people who have booked these low fare air tickets are unable to draw refund for the taxes paid on these cheap tickets.  The catch here is at time of buying e-ticket airline clarify in case you will not use the ticket nothing will be refunded. Fair enough dont refund money collected under your own head but would like to know what is the procedure to get tax back on congestion fuel etc which was not used especially in the case where passenger did cancel his/her air tickets lets say 72 hours before the flight. As far as my sources claim the tax never reach government coffers.  Which legally speaking means misrepresentation as no one gives right to anyone to collect money on behalf of government and evade the tax on their own terms.

If i am wrong about the system would like to hear aviation domain experts take on it.

Air Deccan airlines is one of them where i have faced this problem lot of times.


1 Response to “The Big Indian Aviation market Fraud”

  1. 1 Reader June 12, 2007 at 10:06 pm

    The government should be the one chasing these companies – write to the ministry that collects the congestion fuel tax, and keep banging at their door; the airlines will hear the sound of the banging pretty fast!

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