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Timesofindia parent group acquires stake in which was covered on this blog couple of months ago has finally got the right recognition they deserve. This is a nice niche portal concentrating on hotel reservations instead of running with the bunch in generating revenues from Online Air Tickets reservation. They have got a good inventory on hotels and they could easily become the next travelport if they tweak their portal to become travel agent friendly. Lot of people have got into Travel agency business with just a credit card and internet connection, Portals like these can further validate and scale using them as a channel to access more customers. Study has indicated large chunk of business for IATA agencies is fronted by non-IATA travel agents.

Hence any person looking  at starting travel portal should think of business model dependent on this segment instead of targeting end user directly. – India’s Best Online Movie Ticket Engine – Review!!!

After seeing heavy advertisement on CNBC -TV18 i finally decided to pay a little visit to this site The site as my suspicion goes was another Tv18 property. But unlike their other properties out of Web18 stable it was in form of strategic investment made in Bigtree entertainment which has been around for some time with their portal which was earlier reviewed on this blog. unlike its predecessor in has a more cleaner interface,easy to use,bug free(supports Firefox) and give you all details on seats available to pricing without any hassle for registration. This site is a clear model of business meets web 2.0 as we can see how the site aggregate content from other Tv-18 properties like and works on established business model of selling services associated with it.

After using this site once i have already informed 50 odd people which face lot of trouble with PVR Cinemas website over the weekend and have been recieving positive response ever since. The 15% discount being offered is an added bonus and makes buying ticket online more attractive.

In past i have been a big critic of bigtree entertainment and their effort with but with i cant say about the rest of blogging community but they surely have silenced me!!!!!

Job well done!!!!!

Air Force Bal Bharati School New Delhi – Official Website Launched!

Hi friends just wanted to share information on launch of official website of Air Force Bal Bharati School my alma mater. The site is best viewed in Internet Explorer and its good to see they are updating the site even after 6 months of having online presence. Problem with most of the school websites are they go dead after initial content upload.

What any school should keep in mind while getting a site done is reduce the static content to be added to the site to 15-20 pages rest all information from faculty to photo gallery  to infrastructure should be dynamic. This let you have control on adding new information on the website and keeping the look fresh.

Anyway happy for them again the URL :

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