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Long awaited as i have been waiting for a long time to review this site. Why Now? Before people start to comment on my review on 91di travel engine. Its important to know my intentions was not to bad mouth the ixigo portal but the business model approach. As i clearly understand most of the travel aggregators wish to live on referral sent to other transaction portal having rail and bus doesnt supplement the business model aspect. Though when they are going the extra mile and building viewer ship  why  not  have these mediums covered as well.

Getting back to the review what i like about is the right use of technology. Its one of the engineering master piece in Online Travel portal segment.  The search is not only efficient but provide multiple criteria for sorting the search results.

  • The site score heavily on UI although still rocks because of their simplicity and powerful use of AJAX combined with simple logical sense like use of calendar control which lists Monday as first day of the week (Also available at IXIGO) .
  • Search results are quicker as compared to other travel portals previously reviewed on this blog.
  • No transaction fees and coverage of low cost airlines uncluttered from marketing gimmicks for showing ticket costs after giving cash back on credit card etc used by some travel portals to gain attention from customers.
  •  I have read lot of reviews of people praising but i ran a simple search for Delhi – Bangalore 8th Sept 2007. It gave me cheapest flight result on Jet Lite flying to bangalore via hyderabad 3400 INR. Now on clicking the link to jet lite website it gave me the same option for 5300 INR. Further investigating the problem back on zoomtra site it came to my notice in case of connecting flight zoomtra hasnt calculated the taxes correctly. Though as a customer my time was wasted by wrong search results provided. On the other hand ixigo gave me correct results and didnt give me such time wasting option.


Overall while using the i faced no problem and was comfortable using it search results powered by recommendation services like fare outlook etc. Its a must use site for people who wish to plan travel in advance but only thing on my wish list not covered by ixigo is the the cheap deal sheet published on homepage of zoomtra. Good job done keeping beta in stealth mode otherwise clones would have killed the whole model.

90ditravel – Travel information aggregator in right sense

Lately we have seen so many travel aggregator sites coming up that the launch of GDS travel portals was getting overshadowed for instance when flightraja changes its name to “via” not much coverage was given by people  following the online travel industry. Though i had always wondered how can these sites like call themselves travel search engines as they only concentrate on providing information on air ticket search via travel portals and airline websites.

No one is looking at bus or train as possible combination to draw up trip. Earlier these engines might have had problem getting information online to aggregate from but now with everything from train reservation to bus reservation available online its not a struggle.

I stumble upon from and email sent by someone from the team behind the product. What interested me to review the product is unlikely other travel aggregators they are covering atleast the Train to begin with.  Keeping in mind all studies for the travel industry is talking about B & C class town where lot of them still find nearest airport 150-200 KM drive. It makes more sense to create travel iteniary which is a mix match from their hometown to final destination.

90ditravel has an effective search engine although they need to really work on the interface part. For example the search results can provide me option to sort by journey time or pricing.

The point is its good they have got the engine ready and building the result. But these results need to be formatted and  made sense of before users can seriously benefit out of them. Bottom line they need to make it more user friendly. They should seriously consider lot more use of AJAX and hiring external designer to get the job done right.  The product is good and they try to get the usability in line before or get their agreement through with indian railways to sell tickets online. They should also look at adding the combination of bus timetables and reservation to further increase reach out and mitigate any risk associated with travel portal deals getting through with the railways.

As they are still in Beta i hope to see changes requested by me as a user are also given due consideration.

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