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Impact of Regional Languages on E-commerce sites in INDIA

Recently i came across an article by IAMAI chief talking about how less impact does Regional languages will have on internet and e-commerce play in india. All sites you see from to are available in english as medium of instruction. This is something i am not against and i surely agree regional languages dont hold lot of importance in b2c e-commerce sites where target customer is given a product based on its merit not on basis of content.

Again even if a site has information as its model  lack of digital regional language content and inability of users to easily type in regional language using english keyboard act as a deterrent.  Even if you are ready to invest in infrastructure for delivery of information in regional language the return on investment is very marginal. Though if you are looking at integrating Mobile phones as another channel for delivery and interaction then language content can help you to reach out to masses which now has access to mobile phones but not the internet. Thats a different ball game all together. The mobile based users can benefit by knowledge of your product in the regional language and without any need of translation message can easily spread to large group of people. With most of the b2c players looking at tier-ii and tier-iii cities for expansion the need to localize content does not means changing medium of language but localizing the actual product delivered according to target market requirements.

M-Commerce killing E-Commerce or supplementing the growth

Recently whenever we have visited a customer who is looking at e-commerce channel for customer acquisition talk of m-commerce and social networking comes in. The huge marketing and access potential these 2 buzz words offer is of interest to every b2c organization. Although they might be root to our problem but real case begins with lot of customer incorrectly budget their IT spend for e-commerce segment as advertising online.

This clearly spill out companies mind set and they are yet to show confidence in channel for generation of revenue due to the fact no stand alone success story is available to lead the chart. On the other hand m-commerce applications are not helping the case with  most of them targeting distribution of information at a cost. Most of the M-Commerce players can be easily terms as Mobile Marketing companies instead of pure commerce players.

Overall its been seen customer with established e-commerce channel benefit 70% more then one only relying on just m-commerce play. We all know M-commerce is here to stay but investment in e-commerce infrastructure is for long term as today we have mobile platform tomorrow we might have interaction happening with the refrigerators directly for placing grocery orders online. This means e-channel is scalable to service such other platforms but basic investment in e-commerce platform is something clients should not run away from.

With M-Commerce client sees immediate reach out and ability to reach out to more#’s is always more attractive. This means m-commerce is restricting clients investment as brand building efforts instead of providing  a channel for revenue generation. In order for successful growth of m-commerce or any kind of e-currency based commerce need for platform based adoption is requested with m-commerce or others also acting out channel for customer acquisition and retention.

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