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Social Networking Portals vs Online Matrimonial Portals

Recently i came across an article talking about need for setting up online dating networks in India. They talked about market available effect of social networking sites in developing the segment etc. This made me run some statistics on both the segments. This not in brought in some interesting facts on how online matrimonial portal model is here to stay and also dismissed Online dating networks viability in India.

Social Networking Portals :  14-30 active user group of these portals. Where most of the activity happening in 16-24 segment. They are high school or college going students with internet connectivity and looking at cheaper mediums to remain connected with friends. The main objective being achieved remain connected with existing friends.

Online Matrimonial Portals¬† : 18-40 though may look quiet similar in target age group but people coming online are with defined objectives. Once the purpose is solved no need to remain in touch with people you are connected with. Status of one’s availability is clear and lot more truth put in the profile of users as compared to one being hosted by social networking portals.

Social Networking portals like facebook or even orkut cannot replace matrimonial portals in india as the cultural difference exist in a big way where in decision of marriage more than mutual consent  Рfamily & societies involvement in process is integrated. Though in longer term it will surely effect the social model where more and more people if they remain in touch will increase closeness and in term likeness but not effecting the matrimonial advertisement model directly.

The biggest gainer from the online matrimonial segment has been the NRI’s abroad which earlier had difficulties in generating lot of queries without involvement of some local in india. Talking about NRI segment as they are suppose to be more connected or technology savvy the use of social networking tools in NRI is limited in remaining touch with people they have known and have lost touch with eg school friends, old social network,college friends, job mates etc. They are not actively using this tool to discover new people and get connected as indians still refer to it as freak stalking!!!

Keeping all the above in mind Online matrimonial portals like are here to stay and are safer option to find some one to be committed to rather than online social networking portals.

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