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Traditional Media dumping Paid Content sections on their portals

If you like reading magazines and newspapers online you always wonder why they tend to keep some articles behind paid content sections when similar news items or analysis could be available free of cost somewhere else on the internet. Going back to 1999-2000 when web 1.0 bubble burst happen and just surviving on net based advertising became non feasibility to run online portals.  Most of the portal managers came up with solution to ask users to pay keep reading content of their favourite newspaper or magazine.

With google changing the whole game with bringing in advertisers back into the picture and increasing value of ad inventory.Its becoming more sense for traditional media to dump paid content model and concentrate on sucessful integration of target advertisement. Wall street has been recently in news for considering dumping the model and so has lot of newspapers moved away from model. Looking in india Hindustan times was looking at charging their customers for accessing the epaper which is 100% copy of the offline paper being distributed. But some sense got to them and they decided to stay clear from the model but lot of magazines in india like business world are dependent on subscription based business model. Though if you are using these sites you may see lately they have started to release more content to free publishing domain but these publishing houses need to adopt to new advertising oriented model or user base generation model so that even if advertising bubble burst again with defined user base something new evolved could easily be incorporated. – E-Retailing of Event Tickets come online!!!

Event Ticket Selling has been a big business abroad where agencies like Ticketmaster has become billion dollar businesses specializing in selling Tickets for concerts to sports events. India which has recently seen increase in number of international artist coming in and with usage of credit card going high as a suitable destination for launching such convenience services.

Coming from delhi where generally most of the events are sold out due to sponsors generally taking the tab to entertain V.I.P’s finding even where the tickets are retailing is a big job in itself. While looking for tickets for the latest Akon Concert i bumped into an online exclusive retailer for the event. website is not really in line keeping in mind the new web 2.0 e-commerce b2c sites we see these days. Its pretty static with an integrated shopping cart. The site doesnt organize the information properly nor does have a great navigation forcing people to buy tickets online. Probably after going through about us section i realized that ticketpro is currently concentrating on selling event tickets why their partners more instead of online channel. Reliance Web World and Planet M leading the cart. What is not realizing is the potential and power of internet to sell these events ticket combined with banner advertising on social networking sites. They can also look at something like an Facebook application which gives out details of latest concert and ask people to send out invites to other people in the group hence extending the commerce.

For now their is room in india for more organized ticket selling companies to come in but a concrete business model will require work to start now to be ready for big events boom in india starting from 2009.

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