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Business India 2.0 Top Posts of 2007

Though the subject of this post is very much inspired from Gigaom post on Top posts of 2007. But rest assure insight are genuine about our user base and things they liked the most.

2007 the year was very eventful for us at Business India 2.0 with blog acting as platform to reach out to new startups and great focus on indian online travel space help me make lot of friends and foes.

What we at Business India 2.0 under stand about our users are that our blog is very search engine friendly and 80% of site visitors are new users being referred by MSN search engine.With Top search term being PVR Movies and Tarla Dalal Cooking. This surely resulted in following top viewed posts of the year – PVR Movies online booking engine

Tarladalal Vs Sanjeev Kapoor – Online Reciepe which portal is better for indian cooking,,, – Money trail continues – India’s Best Online Movie Ticket Engine – Review!!!

ICICI Bank Payseal Payment Gateway – Not Recommended!!!

Retail E-Commerce India. They need Competition!!!

Online Bus Ticket Reservation – Is it a sustainable model – Long Awaited Review – India’s Best Air Travel Search Engine

what i could gather from stats is people like to read about usability of site its relevance to their needs and most of the people commenting do not come from technology but product background.

What was interesting to see was most clicked url from the blog was

overall things have been great with the blog and will share more exciting insights as we move forward in the year.

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