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Indian Internet Advertising requires Publishers not Ad Networks

With Launch of many ad networks recently we have seen debate in blog sphere talking about how innovative models are being developed by advertisement networks to attract potential ad spend. We have heard about the famous Ad to SMS model where advertiser advertisement is linked to a query form where query is sent to advertiser by an SMS. This is to increase reach to SMB segment where they dont large investments in e-commerce as delivery channel and routing customer to their website does not turn into sale.

Though i surely appreciate the innovation happening but i m seriously concerned with most of these advertisement revenues are being cornered by fewer publishers( website owners). Now ad networks will surely jump to prove me wrong but reality is that its not their fault but lack of website owners which could benefit from this huge advertisement money spend coming in India.

This is the right time for content strong low on transaction model to appear in the market and take advantage by concentrating on building viewership. The models being generated should not be INDIA region specific but could be more INDIAN GROUP SPECIFIC to engage foreign markets. So if you were waiting for the time to start a niche content specific site and didnt know how you would manage the cost associated in running such sites wait no more as ” the time is right the time is bright

Want to do press releases for Indian Online Media – Times medianet is the answer

This is what  came in an promotional email.

Dear User,


I’m writing to you on behalf of to bring you online PR services from The Times of India group, India’s largest media conglomerate.


I’m happy to inform you that the new Medianet website is now available at and is fully functional. You can now send us your press releases regularly for free uploading at


Below each release, please do mention your company name, your name, job title and Press contact details.


Yours truly,


B Basu


Medianet Customer Care Team”

for all small companies and dot com’s who wish they get highlighted in the news without spending much this sounds like the answer. Using medianet services if they find it right not only you can get highlighted but at a subscription payment you may even make it to Will be testing medianet over the weekend and will add on its effectiveness to get  you attention from the big giant (Times Media Group)

Custom T-Shirt Printing/Corporate Gifting Business India

Abroad it might be common for small businesses to use corporate gifting service for small 10-15 orders. Its yet to pickup in india. The reasons are plenty first of all the indian corporate mindset. Till few years back companies were king and we use to live in a socialist world. As companies knew their were no alternative to them where will customers go.

As the india is rising so is the customer awarness and his ability to switch sides with a blink of the eye. Companies have realized importance of brand building and customer retention. Though this maybe true custom corporate gifting business has not evolved leap and bound as compare to its counterpart in the western countries. We still stick to traditional t-shirt mugs and calendars. Secondly you cant get away with small numbers hence this leaves out the masses of small companies which have realized the potential of branding and opportunities it can create.

Going forward  idea behind this post was to review site called , Recently recieved their note pad via post.

Though the site is not designed too bad and comes with full locker to upload images and select t-shirt color etc. The problem is lack of creativity,flexibility and use of software right. They could have create a flash 3d shirt with ability to place users image anywhere on shirt. Why not give company option to put logo on the collar instead of traditional pocket. Though the concept is good they have to use technology right to reach out to mass and software has to be innovative and suggestive in nature. Example show them samples of exhibitors etc. Another important thing missing on the site is pricing. India is a price sensitive market hence display of pricing on homepage to attract customer to know how many orders they goto configure to get pricing right is essential.  Second problem with the concept is not identification of a clear niche they are trying to provide photo printing service and corporate gifting services. Problem is they need to understand they are 2 clearly different genre..though business process might be quiet same!!!

Cyberica needs to design some t-shirt and will be conducting full excercise via an online vendor. If you guys come across some online vendors do reffer their url’s by leaving a comment.

Website design firms merging with Advertising Agencies

Today while reading economic times. I saw an ad from an IT web design firm looking to buy an established advertisement agency, the first thing it made me think was how advertising agencies have started to give web design firms run for their money by wining most of the big online initatives. The problem with web design firms has been when most of them started they had only way to evolve further, which was to become an IT consulting firm. But now with internet being established as an effective medium for reaching to consumers it was more easier for advertising agencies to take their creative skills to the newer medium.

With advertising agencies proving their effectiveness in creating quality web design projects the web design firms have found new paths to grow. They are looking to reposition themselves either as internet marketing firms hence need to acquire advertising/brand building skills from offline counter part ad agencies. We have earlier also covered in this blog about IT firms starting advertising agencies example Smile Interactive’s initative Qusar Media etc. This is the only way forward for plain simple web design firms to either reposition themselves as Internet marketing firms or alternatively move higher up in the value chain to become an IT Consultant or Staffing agencies like other firms in business.

Prediction : valuation of advertising agencies will increase with cash chasing IT firms being made available for acquisation of such firms for growth of IT firms.

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