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Youtube – your next search destination

For long google has been dissed for its investment made in Youtube and how it was unwise to invest in the video platform with low monetization potential.

Over last couple of months have started seeing increasing usage of youtube among peer to check reviews for things ranging from cars, white goods, holiday destinations to movie reviews as preferred way of discovering information. This means its important for consumer facing brands to have a strong online video strategy which focuses on creating online video content for users to consume similar to whats happening on Television.

In recent past my searches have brought me closer to selecting Skoda Yeti as potential car to wait for instead of Honda Civic or looking to buy a new laptop which lead me to this hilarious video which actually proves point on how light weight their thinkpad laptops are. (Video)me.

What aspect of online video content generation should brands focus on

i) Generating Editorial content on laptop – nothing to see other people talking about their experience with product

ii) 1 minute video which are either information driven or entertainment driven which embeds a brand product line feature as whenever someone will talk about owning light weight laptop i am sure to point to this video seen.

iii) Why not like a music artist own a channel and keep creating content and keep engaging user.

When we look at positioning its also important there should be connecting videos which doesn’t require user to leave the youtube platform and keep consuming more brand mantra.

If anyone has a better case study of something being done in US or elsewhere would like to dissect it further from RoI point of you.

HTMedia Gobbles up

When i read today it was not a surprise to know that has been sold off. Everyone in the industry pretty much knew that has been sold off by the Pahwa KBS family.  But valuations they have indicated are pretty hard to believe.

Even if i do basic maths HTMEDIA has paid up around 40$ per user they have acquired which in indian context is 1600 INR ARPU they are looking from each user. Keeping in mind how social networking sites are valued it should not have been greater than INR 450 ARPU as except for brand advertising the social networking inventory has not been a hit on providing return for performance advertisers which India is heavy on.

It will be interesting to see what efforts are put in to first keep the viral for desimartini alive and on other hand will HTMEDIA  bring in synergy from existing content they are generating on to bring social networking to news site viral which is long talked and not fully implemented in indian scenario.

Lets wait and watch., – Time to Re-invent?

When i sat down to do a post it was to be vs which is a better service portal for media professionals in India.  If you take notice regular blogs which people follow like or generally refer to these 2 sources on recent news announcements.

Business model wise both these sites sit on the same plane with basics principle of “content being the king” . But with changing landscape of digital media world and internet playing an important communication and management tool for media companies and individuals alike the need of the hour is for re-invention of the business model to make it more commercially viable rather than just being dependent on advertisement for newsletters etc. Few of the areas both the portals can grow

freelancer Marketplace – In India till date for free lancers their is no common marketplace available where media professionals talent could be attracted and common billing platform be provided. So that based on strict guidelines and process managed via software freelancers and agencies can interact with each other. With freelancers counting for a large contingent working in print & media industry it makes more sense for these portals to move forward from the job boards and integrate a full blown marketplace.

With so much news on agencies coming in its about time these portals try to organize information in terms of profiling of agencies including structuring of all news information on key people in agencies, campaign they run client maintained. As such information is useful for corporates researching which media company they would like to select. This can be based on subscription model for corporates. Currently agencyfaqs does sort the information based on product and agency wise. But still lack of ONE VIEW take the sheen out of such valuable content they have to offer.

I like the message board and advertisement/campaign ranking system especially Cirus used to be really good. But exchange4media scores on account of analysis figures needed on numbers from the industry.

Site design wise scores way above . But both the site need serious design restructuring . They need to give it a portal outlook for making it look more easy to use software as advertisement on pages it really making it difficult to find information in right corners.

Is it really worth to go for Blackberry for GTalk

Since launch of blackberry pearl postered all across media from airtel to hutch all top providers offering the handset on the network, it really make the indian mind tickle which has liking for new mobile phones and flashy cars. Recently some one asked my advice before going in for the blackberry pearl, mid level IT proffesional with only use for the pearl to using Gtalk VOIP capabilities to remain in touch with his partner. Doing some further research on Gtalk for blackberry revealed that main reason for him to go for Blackberry is not supported. It allows basic instant messaging and email. This is available on any phone across any network from yahoo and msn for long time.

So anand if you are reading this post Blackberry is not the phone you should go for.

Digital Lifestyle store India – Fight between Videocon Next and Tata Croma

With Videocon joining the retail bandwagon its interesting to see they have decided to come in the high end electronic segment which surely aligns with their group strategy. Though different from Others like bharati airtel, ITC,reliance which are trying to ride high on Agri Business. Tata on other hand have also ventured in digital lifestyle store format. Interesting to know TATA does not have their own manufacturing line in this space to fill the shelve but will be dependent on other providers.

If we look at the segment these 2 players which to build up. It has got a good margin call and people are not comfortable even abroad with idea to pickup television from the woolsworth or coles next door this means Vishal Megamart and other big retail players would not pose a really big threat to the format. The problem this section will face is from existing single brand revolving flagship stores. Example Sony World, LG,HCL digital lifestyle store etc. Though for videocon investing in brand “NEXT” will pay off as end of the day its in line with retail strategy being followed by other consumer electronics providers.

Though for TATA its a different ball game altogether. They have to work two ways. First create efficent supply chain and invest in shelf space. They will be competing with players at two different spectrum first with supply chain organizations like redington whose pie they will be eating into.Though they have tied up with Woolsworth for this end of spectrum. It will help in reducing the overall margin hence offering as player on price cant be expected. Secondly offcourse the small time next door retailers who have been converting from just another consumer electronic retailer to a branded life style digital store with all branding sponsored by big brands like samsung,sony etc.

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