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Uttranchal Government – CSC on Internet –

In india currently uttranchal is leading the path of computerization and use of technology for implementing of e-governance charter. In 2006 Ministry of Information Technology came up with a scheme where via Public private partnership state government and their level and central government at their level will setup Intranet/WAN for nationwide connectivity for fulfilling infrastructure requirements for running E-governance applications. Once the WAN has been deployed government wishes to open CSC (Consumer Service Centers) across districts and villages for enabling access to government services to comman man. The idea was government services will reach consumers and private companies will get footfall and access to local consumer base for pushing their other products. So the value proposition was in favor of big telecom players like Reliance or Tata.  Now another initative which uttranchal government took was setting up of an online portal for making available these similar services online and via kiosks. For this district haridwar was selected. The software was to be provided by Microsoft and server technology by Intel.

Now the portal is ready (the Document said 7th December i think it date back to 2004)with the latest features providing information as well as dynamic applications like hotel reservations etc. The problem for government is how to generate revenues for sustaining the portal.  The government has invited RFP from service providers to run and manage the portal helping government generate revenues by selling advertisement space etc.  Now an organization which can take advantage would be travel portal. But before doing that they need to calculate number of services/tourist potential of destination.

I am trying to find out more about the project by contacting UDA-IT once through will surely make another post.

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July 2020