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Next step in Localized Search Engine – Shows Way!!!

With Google leading the pack of receiving maximum searches the focus has shifted from providing global content search engine to providing localized search with ability to understand structure. is showing way to other providers by providing structure to movie timing search and show search city wise or movie wise. This content like trailers and movie information is being pulled in through website – Indian movies portal. The search is pretty neat feature but with comming in of portals like i seriously doubt relevance provided by them keeping in mind is covering more # of screens and theatres.

Though what i do like is the new formats localized content providers are trying to bring in .As these structures will help them develop business models which go forward from traditional ad display and also help easily take accessibility to other mediums like Mobile phone where many sites are still not compatible. This will also give the portal team to grow vertical by vertical approach which formed basis of growth.

Search Technologies – Do we need more search engines

With everyone calling searching on the web googling. It looks like google has become the remote control for internet. Its essential to note that though google has helped really with its algorithm to index the web. But lot of due credit goes to broadband penentration making people realize power of internet. For google they were right company at right place at right time. Now again we are seeing lot of investment happening in search technologies company. For people who feel Search problem is solved think again.

With broadband making Video and Audio accessiability easy. 60-70% network bandwidth share will be taken by these 2 formats. Hence where will index search go. Its fine to search for items which have been tagged or information is sydnicated by authors managing them online. But its important to develop search engine which will scan these mediums for text and word. Example scan your song list for that song stuck in your mind or scan your voice mail to bring up message left by allen from work etc etc. As voice will remain biggest access point to these technologies and all video will again have audio search. Hence any person who is able to create a search for audio can automatically take it to the next level which is video search.

But even textual search needs lot of work as we are yet to see AI mapping of data and neurable quantam acting as decision maker for finding/determining result. Secondly If microsoft is successful in taking search to the OS then machine learning can be another objective which these search engines need to use as knowledge profile will be helpful in deciding result being thrown up.

Audio search and video search is throwing improvement though dont know the audio file searching sites let you search through your own content as well. Secondly if you feel you are too late to join the bandwagon then do keep in mind all these technologies have to be implemented in regional languages which can big money keeping in lets say indian or chinese market which is 1/3 of the word population.

Google Ad has killed the Internet Advertising Model

There was a time when Ad space use to be a inventory most sought after revenue stream for a Dotcom. Their was a dedicated staff responsible for generation of advertisements for online but with google ad system this all is gone.  It may be for benefit of advertisers but for the dot com’s its not a good thing.

Lets take example of india where 70% of dot com’s launched are never updated. Out of the rest of 30% only 5% sites are the one which are regularly updated (once in week) and actually are worth advertising. These 5% sites were earlier fighting for online ad spend of corporates. But with google ads the whole 100% is now fighting for the share.

The upside

– It has helped increase online ad spending


– revenue spend is not creating click throughs worth sales as an e-commerce site which has guaranteed credit card spend visitor comming will ensure in better product sale instead of an content website which can have any demographic/category user.

– This is also leading in click frauds etc.

Now to create a better system either google should start screening the application and increase relevancy on category of sites etc rather than just content.  Otherwise Ad budgets will keep going down the drain without creating the much needed impact.

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