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Financial Express carried a news about to launch National Property Stock exchange with liquidity corpus of 500 crores. I had thought of similar idea almost 9-10 months back but following short falls lead me to scrap it for time being

– With higher valuations of property what kind of mechanism or calculation to be brought down to breakup property into equity. So more than one buyer could be invested on the property.

– What kind of property will be allowed to get listed keeping in mind in India biggest problem with properties is unclear title or unregistered properties

– In terms of liquidity as property registration and transfer etc takes long time how can they promise within 7 days money invested will be again available to buyer if willing to get out of the investment

– How will the sub-brokers etc benefit in getting people to sell their property via national property stock exchange in terms will they get commission on trades for doing nothing or defined procedural role have been created.

– Will margin account concept be made available for people to invest in properties at higher interest rate. If yes then if one partner is pledging equity in property as collateral will conset of others required.

Though property in india has high investment return but the reason for that being 60% of money is being traded in black market and mostly speculated. Will have to wait for more rules and further press releases from to understand their model.










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: – Real Estate 2.0 can it work for India

I have been following zillow for almost 7-8 months and finally got enough analysis done to do a post. As a regular reader lot of you know i try to cover business ideas abroad with their implication and model’s reusability in india. Zillow is another business model which is very useful for those new property websites comming up every day. we already have, creating a name for them and suddenly news for comes in . Its interesting all of these portals are banking on cash flow from advertisements.

No one is innovating further by providing tools which could be useful for customers to use them as prefered method of advertisement. As first of all most of the people advertising on these portals are property dealers or Builders. Though this is getting the dough but not helping real buyer and seller connect.

Zillow was something was considering doing by self for india. But in india different set of problems exist and different set of metrics need to be done.


– Lack of digitized land and revenue record

– Cities are not planned. So what you see on map would not exist in real life

– GIS MAPs for cities are still not very accutate

– Too much encorachment hence actual vs on paper different story.

– All transactions are not transparent and people often avoid paying property transaction tax on actual transaction value

If anyone is interested in doing  a zillow would surely like to help in the venture as have good solid research for model’s working in indian enviornment.

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July 2020