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Web Hosting india centric applications – Indian Vs US service providers

Cyberica has been co-locating its servers with sify hosting (earlier satyam) Level 3 data centre in vashi for almost 6 years now. Prior to that we had used server farms of cybercon and interland in US. In terms of service we dont have anything against either but over the years we have realized how important its to have web hosting in india for an india centric application. Couple of reasons

– Cost of support – Email and Telephone both are cheaper if service provider in india

– So many times in india the undersea cable link with US goes down making server co-located in US inaccessiable to indian market.

– Indian companies without any physical pressence in US are unable to procure own hardware and co-locate hence only option available is leasing. Which can be costly over 3-5 years period as on average investment made in hardware returns in 24-30 months.

But on the other hand their are not much indian service providers which provide lot of options for enterprises. In last couple of years we have seen amount of bandwidth rise in india. But very few private data centre players have emerged.

Options available in India

Sify Hosting :  – Personally using it excellent service and support. Very excellent server management process with almost nill down time.  1 U rackspace cost around INR 1.4-1.7 per annum depending on server and support pack taken. Advantage with them is they are not diversified into small web hosting or domain registration. Hence support infrastructure is geared to support enterprise centric hosting.

Net4india : – Data centre based in delhi, cheaper to sify hosting but service issues have been their in past with some peers using their services. Although they have improved a lot  recently a realiable hardware vendor recommeneded looking into their attractive pricing keeping in mind service quality levels have improved,a s for indian sme’s..price plays an important factor.

Palcom Online : – The company was funded by Panipat based exporters Paliwal Group. Started off with Class C License for ISP services for haryana. Couldnt capitalize much on that end and stayed away from corporate connections and services in booming gurgaon. They started off with small data centre in Kalkaji suburb in delhi with 2 MBPS leasedline.  Went once to their office not very impressive infrastructure wise but was churning customers away from sify and net4india on price issues and from local web hosting service provider on server availability in india.

VSNL – Even after being taken over by TATA the service quality level has not improved. The company data centre in bombay and delhi has poor service record and lack customer management expertise. price charged to customer is very high. Would not recommend!!

Reliance Communication –  Have not used their service yet so would not like to place comment.

Idea of sharing this information is if you wish to host an indian centric application you should look at US as temporary arrangement for 3-4 months and shift to an india centric hosting provider. This was low web hosting cost can help in bootstrapping and for testing of the application whereas when funds starts to pour in own dedicated server can give you better control and provide satisifaction of being available at all times to customers.

Problem Solved – Disaster Management essential for startups

Emergency response team came through. Special mention to rohit for solving the problem.  Its good for every startup to have a disaster managment plan. For me republic day was not shot of any disaster today with every big thing which could go wrong for a company happening in a single day.

One thing which every company should do is create an emergency response team. Also you should define their roles and activity scope. They should not be submitted to complete unfinished task as this will only happen due to lack of planning. But as a project maintainance team or last minute changes team. Generally the team should be of 3 super stars who are comfortable with each other. Ready to deal with Operation System and hardware issues, Database issues ->highly comfortable with PL-SQL, programming good at C++ (they can program in any language).

With right team any disaster small or big can be talked through!!!!

Storage and Backup Solutions – Vertical which can see SaS product growth

In india storage and taking backup of important data is yet to pickup. With increasing internet connectivity and lowered server infrastructure cost. People are using E-mail servers and FTP servers as place for hosting data backups. But people are yet to understand these sources can be used for planned backup but what about unplanned data files. which we are acumulating as we work on PC everyday.

Its estimated people loose on an average 5 MB of data every day. So for a person working 20 days in a week it means he is ough to loose around 1.2 GB worth of data every year. With unlimited bandwidth plans becoming a norm users would surely use an external drive accessiable via network/internet for storing their backup. Just like an anti-virus software,backup software should be installed on every machine. My wish list of such backup software

– Ability to monitor specific folders for daily backup of updated file versions

-Ability to version backups automatically and facility to archive for burning

– Software accessible via windows explorer like external device connected via USB

– Backup data also accessiable via control panel format for offsite access

– Ability to manage multiple devices backup from a single account.

– Ability to remote schedule backup sync.

If such a software is already available in india would surely like to try a demo as for a small organization paying fixed price INR 500 is too small price for ensuring data security and storage.

SQL Server 2000 – Way to make active orphan users in Database

This is more of a note for my server administrators. Every time they restore databases for past projects they recieve error on unable to connect to login id associated with database. Now when they click on users in database they can see them but cant access them.

The problem is associated with orphan users hence simple problem calls for simple solution

Step 1 : Login using Super Admin into Query Analyzer

Step 2: select database which has been restored

Step 3: Run following command “sp_revokedbaccess ‘username’ ”

Step 4: Run following command “sp_droplogin <username> ”

Boom the user will be deleted and then you can create a new account and link it back to database.

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